Peruvian food has features that do not exist anywhere in the world, because the history of Peru revolves around food since its inception.

Undoubtedly, the variety of ingredients, provided by the geographical location of Peru, and the influence of the civilizations that have historically settled in the country, from the Incas to the Chinese to Japanese and Spanish, give this kitchen unusual wealth.

The recognition of our cuisine has allowed Peruvian to revalue our gastronomy, so we know there Peruvian living abroad who do not miss vehemently Peruvian food. The flavor of the accompanying each Peruvian homeland he goes: where there are Peruvians, there is a restaurant that identifies them.

In the restaurant "El Miski" we are committed to be ambassadors of Peruvian gastronomy therefore take very seriously our commitment to make dishes that reflect the identity of taste and elegance of our Peruvian cuisine.

From the choice of the best Peruvian food chef, through the selection of the best ingredients are part of our daily work to achieve our mission and we always think of you, our customers.

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